The main namespace, provides key classes such as Canvas and XImage along with utility classes.

Object Description
Canvas Provide a surface on which you can draw.
DrawOptions Options for drawing onto a Canvas.
ExifData This object allows access to Exif metadata. The Exif data format is described at
ExifRecord An Exif metadata record, contained in some picture files. The Exif data format is described at
IPTCData This object allows access and manipulation of IPTC metadata.
IPTCRecord An individual IPTC record. ImageGlue supports the IPTC-NAA Information Interchange Model Version 4 metadata as defined in IIMV4.pdf. For further details about the IPTC format see the International Press Telecommunications Council web site at
PhotoshopData This object allows access and manipulation of metadata held in Photoshop Image Resource Blocks (IRBs).
PhotoshopRecord An individual Photoshop Image Resource Block (IRB) record. IRBs are so called because they are derived from the original Macintosh resource fork, a separate section of a file holding structured data. Each IRB contains a numeric ID and a name as well as the raw data associated with the block. The formats of the data in different blocks are different and are detailed in the Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification as available from Adobe.
SelectOptions Image color selection class.
XColor The color of an image pixel.
XColorMatrix A matrix which can be used for color transformation.
XExport Canvas export configuration class.
XImage An image to be drawn onto a canvas. Graphic should only be limited to metadata manipulation.
XImageLoadOptions The options for loading an XImage.
XPalette A color palette. This class allows you to specify how to select colors when image colors are reduced, for example when calling ReduceColors or when exporting a canvas with a reduced depth.
XPoint A point on a canvas.
XRect A rectangle on a canvas.
S» XSettings ImageGlue Settings.
XText Information for drawing text on a Canvas.
XTransform A geometric transformation on a canvas.

Enum Description
ColorSpaceType The supported color spaces.