Provide a surface on which you can draw.

This class is sealed. It cannot be derived from.

This object provides a space for drawing and painting. It has various properties such as size and color and methods for drawing a variety of objects.

After you have finished your drawing you can export the canvas into a variety of formats.

Method Description
Canvas Canvas constructor.
Clear Releases all resources held by the canvas.
Diff Compares one image with another on a pixel by pixel basis.
Dispose Recycles the canvas.
DrawCanvas Draw a Canvas on this Canvas.
DrawImage Draw an image on the Canvas.
DrawLine Draw a line on the Canvas.
DrawOval Draw an oval on the Canvas.
DrawPoly Draw a polygon on the Canvas.
DrawPostscript Draws PostScript from a string spec onto a canvas.
DrawRect Draw a rectangle on the Canvas.
DrawRoundRect Draw a rounded rectangle on the Canvas.
DrawShapedText Draw shaped text on the canvas.
DrawText Draw text on the canvas.
Erase Erase the Canvas using the background color.
GetAs Saves the canvas image as raw data.
GetColor Returns the color at a particular point on the canvas.
GetTextMetrics Retrieve information for drawing text on a Canvas.
GetVisibleRect Get the rectangle that delimits the visible area of an image.
Invert Inverts the image colors.
ReduceColors Reduces the number of colors on the canvas.
SaveAs Saves the canvas image as a file.
Select Create an alpha channel from the image.
SetChannel Sets the color channel using another image as an intensity map.
ToBitmap Export the Canvas to a System.Drawing Bitmap.
ToImage Convert the Canvas to an image.
TransformColors Applies matrix multiplication to the color channels of an image.
Property Description
Color The Canvas color.
DrawOptions The default drawing options for drawing shapes and text.
Export The export settings.
HAlign The horizontal alignment for objects.
Height The height of the Canvas in pixels.
ID The ID of this Canvas.
Language The text font language.
Memory The memory of the Canvas image, in bytes.
PaintColor The color used for filling in shapes.
Pattern The fill pattern to be used when painting.
PenColor The color used for drawing lines and edges.
PenSize The width of the pen in pixels.
TextColor The color used for drawing text.
TextFont The font used for drawing text.
TextSize The point size of the font used for drawing text.
TextStyle The style of font used for drawing text.
VAlign The vertical alignment for objects.
Width The width of the Canvas in pixels.