An image to be drawn onto a canvas. Graphic should only be limited to metadata manipulation.

This class is sealed. It cannot be derived from.

Object Description

Enum Description
PdfBoxType The PDF box to use when importing PDF documents.
Method Description
XImage XImage default constructor.
Diff Compares an image with another, pixel by pixel.
Dispose Dispose of the XImage object.
S» FromBitmap Create an image from a System.Drawing bitmap.
S» FromData Create an image from binary data.
S» FromFile Create an image from file.
S» FromStream Create an image from stream.
S» FromTextData Create an image from binary text data.
S» FromTextFile Create an image from a text file.
S» FromTextStream Create an image from a text stream.
S» FromUrl Create an image from a URL.
GetColor Returns the color at a particular point on the image.
GetPDFBox Return a PDF page box.
Invert Inverts the image colors.
Load Load an image.
Rasterize Convert the image to raster.
ReduceColors Reduces the number of colors in an image.
ReleaseCachedMemory Reduce memory usage by releasing cached image data.
Select Create an alpha channel from the image.
SetChannel Sets the color channel using another image as an intensity map.
ToRaster Return a raster copy of this image.
TransformColors Applies matrix multiplication to the color channels of an image.
S» ValidLoadModules Return a list of valid image modules.
Property Description
BoundingBox The image bounding box.
ColorProfile The embedded ICC color profile.
ColorSpace The image color space.
Depth The natural depth of the image, in bits per pixel.
Duration The movie duration in seconds.
Exif The Exif data.
Format The image load module.
Frame The current image frame.
FrameCount The number of frames in the image.
HRes The image horizontal resolution in dpi.
HasColorProfile Whether this image has an embedded ICC color profile.
Height The height of the current image frame, in pixels.
IPTC The IPTC data.
IsRaster Whether this is a raster image.
Palette The image palette data (.act format).
Photoshop The Photoshop Image Resource Block (IRB) metadata.
Rotation The natural image rotation angle, in degrees.
Time The elapsed time in seconds.
Type The type of image.
VRes The image vertical resolution in dpi.
VisibleRect The image visible rectangle.
Width The width of the current image frame, in pixels.