Options for drawing onto a Canvas.

This class is sealed. It cannot be derived from.

Object Description

Enum Description
ImageFitType How to fit an image into a Canvas.
InterpolationType The interpolation mode for resizing images.
RenderingIntentType The rendering intent for converting image colors.
ShapeDrawingType The drawing type for shapes: outline, fill or both.
TextDirectionType TextDirectionType Enumeration.
Method Description
DrawOptions DrawOptions constructor.
Clone Make a deep copy of this object.
Reset Reset the draw options to their default values.
Property Description
AutoRotate Whether to rotate images automatically.
ColorSpace A color space to be used for images.
CornerSize The size of the rounded corners, for drawing rectangles.
HAlign The object horizontal alignment.
HRes The image horizontal resolution in dpi.
ImageFit How to fit an image on a Canvas.
Interpolation The interpolation type for resizing images.
Justification The text justification.
Kerning The spacing between characters.
Language The text font language.
Limit The image size limit, after transformation.
Offset The vertical offset for text drawn over a line.
PaintColor The paint color.
Pattern The fill pattern to be used when painting.
PenColor The pen color.
PenSize The width of the pen in pixels.
RenderingIntent The rendering intent for converting colors.
Selection The selected portion of the image.
ShapeDrawing The drawing type for shapes.
TextColor The color used for drawing text.
TextDirection The text direction.
TextFont The font used for drawing text.
TextHAlign The text horizontal alignment.
TextSize The point size of the font used for drawing text.
TextStyle The style of font used for drawing text.
TextVAlign The text vertical alignment.
TiffAlphaChannel The TIFF alpha channel.
Transform A geometric transformation for placing the object on the canvas.
Transparency Whether to use transparency when drawing.
UseClippingPath Whether to apply any embedded clipping path. Clipping paths may be embedded in Photoshop, TIFF and JPEG images.
VAlign The object vertical alignment.
VRes The image vertical resolution in dpi.