Convert the image to raster.


void Rasterize();
void Rasterize(double dotsPerInch);
void Rasterize(XExport inExport);

[Visual Basic]

Sub Rasterize()
Sub Rasterize(dotsPerInch As Double)
Sub Rasterize(inExport As XExport)
Name Description
dotsPerInch The resolution to rasterize at in DPI
inExport The export options.

Use this method to internally change the image so that it becomes a raster image. Multiple page vector images will be converted to a single page image of the current Frame.

The two different versions of the function work a slightly different way.

The parameterless function works directly, preserving transparency where appropriate. It is the version you will tend to want to use.

The version taking a type works via an intermediate file format which means that export settings affect the output. It is maintained for backwards compatibility with older code. The UseAlpha property determines if alpha transparency is preserved in the output Bitmap. The HRes and VRes properties determine the resolution of the output.

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