Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
String Arial No No The font used for drawing text.

When setting a font you can specify a list of font names separated with commas. The first available font will be used. ImageGlue tries to cope with inexact matches by first looking for a font with exactly the same name, second for a font which starts with the font name provided and finally a font which contains the font name provided.

If you set a font using a list of Font names and then get the value of the property, only the name of the font in use will be returned.

Getting this property is a shortcut equivalent to the TextFont of the DrawOptions. Setting it is not the same as the TextFont does not select fonts from a list.

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Canvas canvas = new Canvas();
canvas.TextFont = "FancyFont, Times";
Response.Write("TextFont = " + canvas.TextFont);

[Visual Basic]

Dim canvas As New Canvas
canvas.TextFont = "FancyFont, Times"
Response.Write("TextFont = " + canvas.TextFont)

This example might produce the following output:

Font = Times New Roman