ImageGlue operations can be optionally written out into one of three log files. It is worth noting that the information contained within these files is different from the information written to the Application Event Log. If an error occurs or an unexpected condition is encountered then information is written to the Application Event Log. The log files are used for collecting statistics on normal transactions. Because there are a lot of transactions that could be logged we provide settings to allow you to reduce the volume down to only those that you are interested in. By default no operation will be logged.

The three log files are XConfigOperationLog.SaveAsFile, XConfigOperationLog.OperationFile and XConfigOperationLog.CanvasFile . By default these are written out into a system-wide temporary directory, XConfigOperationLog.Directory so that they can easily be deleted if they get too large. They are written out in a tab delimited format with the first line containing the column headers.

See XConfigOperationLog for further details.