This object provides a surface on which you can draw. After you have finished your drawing you can ask the canvas to save itself in a variety of formats.


Method   Description
Clear Releases all resources held by the canvas
DrawCanvas Draws the contents of one canvas onto another
DrawData Draws a graphic held as raw data onto the canvas
DrawFile Draws an image from a graphic file onto the Canvas
DrawShape Draws a filled or unfilled shape onto the canvas
DrawPS Draws Postscript on the canvas given a string of Postscript language
DrawText Draws text onto the canvas
Erase Erases the surface of the canvas to the background color
GetAs Gets the canvas image as raw data
GetColor Returns the color at a particular point on the canvas
GetInfo Returns information about the image
Invert Inverts the colors on the canvas
ReduceColors Reduces the number of colors in the image
SaveAs Saves the canvas image as a file
Select Derives an alpha channel from the image on the canvas
SetChannel Inserts one canvas into a color or alpha channel on another
TextArea Returns the size that text would take up if it was drawn
TextLength Returns the length of text that could be drawn


Property   Default   Description
Depth No The color depth of the Canvas
Width No The width of the canvas in pixels
Height No The height of the canvas in pixels
Color No The background color for the canvas
PaintColor No The color for paint operations
PenColor No The color for drawing operations
TextColor No The color for text operations
PenSize No The width of the pen in pixels
TextCharset No The charset to be used for text
TextFont No The font to be used for text
TextSize No The size of text in points
TextStyle No The style of font to be used
HAlign No The horizontal alignment of objects
VAlign No The default vertical alignment of objects
Pattern No The pattern to be used in fill operations
Dither No Whether to dither images if required
Image No The image held on the canvas