Type   Default Value   Read Only   Description
String "Arial" No The font used to draw text



This is the font used to draw text.

When setting a font you can specify a list of font names separated with commas. The first available font will be used. ImageGlue tries to cope with inexact matches by first looking for a font with exactly the same name, second for a font which starts with the font name provided and finally a font which contains the font name provided

If you set a font using a list of Font names and then get the value of the property the name of only the one font being used for drawing text will be returned.


See Also

Gestalt Fonts collection.
Canvas DrawText function.



Set ca = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue7.Canvas")
ca.TextFont = "FancyFont, Times"
Response.Write "TextFont = " & ca.TextFont

This example might produce the following output:

Font = Times New Roman