Type   Default Value   Read Only   Description
Long 2000 No The maximum image dimensions that ImageGlue should accept



This property allows you to limit the size of images accepted by ImageGlue. This can be helpful to reduce load on the web server. The size is specified in terms of width and height.

Although the size is nominally based on the dimensions of an image, internally the limit is encoded in terms of the amount of memory required.

For example a value of 2000 means that you are prepared to accept a canvas 2000 x 2000 in 32 bit color depth - using 16 MB of memory. If you have a canvas 1000 x 4000 that will also be acceptable because it uses the same amount of memory. A black and white canvas (using 1 bit per pixel) of 8000 x 8000 again will be acceptable because it only uses 8 MB of memory. However an RGB image 1000 x 5000 (using 20 MB of memory) is not.

This value is 'sticky' so that if you change it to a particular value it will always stay at that value. This property is shared between all the instances of ImageGlue on your computer.


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