The Settings tab shows you the license details being used by ImageGlue and allows you to change the way in which statistics are collected and logged.

The Installation and Registration section shows the license details for ImageGlue. You can update your license by entering a new key and clicking on the 'Set Key' button.

The Log Files section allows you to control the way in which information is collected and written to the Operation and Canvas log files. Log files are only written when logging is enabled.

The 'Maximum Operation Time' determines whether a particular operation is logged or not. Only operations taking longer than the specified minimum time will be logged. This allows you to select out lengthy operations.

To stop the log files becoming too large they are cleared when they become larger than a specified limit. You can change this limit using the 'Maximum Operation Time' setting.

By default the log files are written to a temp directory. If you wish to change this location you can do so by altering the value of the 'Log File Directory' setting.