Cracked Software Policy

If you intend to use a cracked version of our software you should read the following page. You will probably decide that using cracked versions of our software is not a good idea.

If you are not interested in cracks please visit the rest of our site...

Cracked software goes under many names - serialz, cracks, crackz, wares, warez, keys. Hackers obtain these keys using a variety of methods and publish them on the internet.

You may find cracks for our products. Products like ABCpdf, ImageGlue and WordGlue.

Using these keys is illegal. When you install you agree to a license agreement and by installing a cracked key you are violating this agreement.

Our company policy is not to go after the people who publish serialz or cracks. Instead we target the people who use them.

Periodically we trawl the internet for cracked serialz. If we find registered serial numbers that have gone astray we contact the registered owner to find out what has gone wrong.

You should bear in mind that the license agreement requires you to keep all license keys confidential. So if we find your license key public on the internet, this means that you are automatically in violation of the license agreement.

If we find an unregistered serial number we publish it to our list of invalid serial numbers on the internet. If you are using one of these serial numbers your software will stop working. We will report your company to the relevant local agency. We will report the use of illegal software to your ISP. We will be contacting you. We may take legal action.

In some cases we find that people are using pirated license keys because their developers have provided them. However even without knowledge, liablity for unlicensed use is still illegal and still potentially very expensive. If this happens, while we are sympathetic, we are also firm: the onus is on you to make good with us and then to seek damages from your developer.

We put a lot of effort into development and support and this is something we cannot do if people used cracked versions of our software.