Important Ordering Information

These are older and discontinued products and you should only be ordering copies if you need them for support of legacy systems.

The functionality that these products provide has been incorporated into other newer products. So if you feel you might need some of this type of functionality why not talk to us and let us know your needs? We should be able to provide you with a better alternative.

Please note that these products are not covered by our money back guarantee and that refunds cannot be given under any circumstances.

Your registration information will be automatically sent to you by email as soon as your payment has been confirmed. Using your registration key you will be able to convert your evaluation software to a full unrestricted version. Why should you purchase from us online?

Exact license terms are covered in the license agreement provided as part of the install. This covers the definition of a Single License and Enterprise and Redistribution Licenses. View typical agreement...

TaskGarden Pricing

Licenses for TaskGarden from only $149.

ImageEffects Pricing

Licenses for ImageEffects from only $199.

ABCDrawHTML Pricing

Licenses for ABCDrawHTML from only $249.

ABCCrypto Pricing

Licenses for ABCCrypto from only $149.

MetaFiler Pricing - Special Price!

Licenses for MetaFiler from only $149.