ImageGlue for Print?

Color Profile Support

ImageGlue 6 uses ICC (International Color Consortium) color profiles to convert images from one color space to another. What this means is that your CMYK TIFF and CMYK JPEG images display perfectly using ImageGlue.

Similarly - should you wish to save as CMYK JPEG or CMYK TIFF using custom ICC profiles - ImageGlue can handle it.

IPTC Support

ImageGlue 6 supports embedded metadata, the kind of textual information you can alter using the Adobe Photoshop 'File Info...' command.

This means you can extract embedded copyright, caption and other information from images as they are uploaded. We support IPTC-NAA Information Interchange Model Version 4 metadata as defined in IIMV4.pdf.

EPS and PDF Support

The latest versions of ImageGlue include a full built-in PostScript-compatible rendering engine.

Not only does this mean you can harness the raw power of PostScript in your graphics - it also means that ImageGlue has built-in support for related formats such as EPS and PDF.

Very Large JPEG Support

Very Large JPEG Support allows you to read in and scale down extremely large JPEG images very efficiently. The memory used can be as little as 2% of the value that you might normally expect.

Very Large TIFF Support

Very Large TIFF Support allows high quality resizing of enormous TIFF images. If you want to thumbnail Gigapixel TIFFs ImageGlue can handle it!

Unicode Support

ImageGlue 6 includes enhanced support for different character sets such as Symbol, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. List fonts by character set and choose a specific character set when drawing text.