Represents the PDF tagged structure.



Structure Create a new Structure based on the content in a doc.
FindElementsByType Scan through the structure to find all structure elements of a particular type.
GetPageNumber Get the page number for a particular page object.
ExtractStructure Extract the structure in an HTML-like format that can be displayed in a browser.
MarkupStructure Mark up the structure on the PDF pages so that it can be seen in a PDF reader.
UpdateActualText The logical structure can contain a copy of text which is drawn on the page.
Purge The tagged structure of the document references items displayed on the page.
ReplaceImages Replace a set of images with a new one.
ReplaceText Replace one item of text with another.


Catalog The Catalog object at the root of the document.
Root The StructureElement at the root of the tagging structure.
ParentTree The ParentTree for the tagged structure.