A class to scan through a content stream keeping track of state while it does so.

Subclass to collect or extract content as it is being scanned.



ContentStreamScanner Create a new ContentStreamScanner.
Call Call the scanner using an owner and a content stream array.
Process Process a content stream keeping track of state.
ProcessItem Process an item in a content stream and update the graphics or text state to reflect the action of the item.
ShowText Show an item of text.
Abort Abort the current processing.


Resources A class for accessing reseources in the document.
Operators The set of operators which should be processed.
DoShowText Whether to call into the ShowText function.
DoUnicode Whether to convert text to Unicode or not.
DoWidths Whether to calcuate text widths or not.
Warnings Content streams contain operators and parameters.
Stack The current graphics stack.
State The current graphics state.
Text The current text state.