Copies the Atoms into an array.




void CopyTo(Atom[] array, int index)
void CopyTo(KeyValuePair<string, Atom>[] array, int index)

[Visual Basic]
Sub CopyTo(array As Atom(), index As Integer)
Sub CopyTo(array As KeyValuePair(Of String, Atom)(), index As Integer)



Name Description
array The array that is the destination for the elements.
index The zero-based index in array at which copying begins.




Copies the elements of the dictionary to an array starting at a particular array index.

The array must be one-dimensional and have zero-based indexing.

The implementation of ICollection.CopyTo copies KeyValuePair<string, Atom> values to the array if the element type of the array is compatible. Otherwise, it copies DictionaryEntry values to the array.