Type Default Value Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
Default No The kerning method.




The kerning method.

Kerning is similar to character spacing in that it controls how far apart two characters are. However rather than being a constant, it is a value which is determined by the two characters themselves. So the kerning for "tt" would likely be different than for "te".

The KerningType enumeration may take the following values:

  • None
  • Default

The default kerning method is based around the kerning tables in the TrueType font file. Not all fonts contain kerning tables so not all fonts will kern.




The following shows how to insert a table of contents while disabling kerning.


string text = File.ReadAllText(Server.MapPath("tableofcontents.txt")); text = text.Replace("\r", "&lt;br&gt;"); // make our carriage returns into breaks text = text.Replace(" ", "     "); // make our indent at start of line into nbsp using (Doc doc = new Doc()) {   doc.TextStyle.Size = 36;   doc.TextStyle.Kerning = XTextStyle.KerningType.None;   doc.Rect.Inset(10, 10);   doc.Page = doc.AddPage();   doc.AddTextStyled(text.Replace(" ~", "<leader>.</leader>"));   doc.Save(Server.MapPath("TableOfContentsWithLeaders.pdf")); }

Using the following input text.

Chapter 1: Getting Started ~1
Introduction ~2
Next Steps ~3
Chapter 2: What To Do ~4
Some Difficult Bits ~15
Some More Difficult Bits ~20
Chapter 3: In Conclusion ~21
Summary ~22
Endword ~23

We get the following output.