Type Default Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
false No OpenOffice.org PDF conversion control parameters.




This property is used by the OpenOffice.org import module. It is used to pass custom parameters to OpenOffice.org for precise control over the PDF conversion process.

The parameters are a set of named objects. The names and object types vary between versions of OpenOffice.org but ABCpdf defaults to a base set that is appropriate for most conversions.

Name Description Type Value
UseLosslessCompression Lossless compression of images. All pixels are preserved. Boolean false
Quality Quality level for JPEG compression. Int32 90
ReduceImageResolution Resample or downsize the images to a lower number of pixels per inch. Boolean false
MaxImageResolution Target resolution for the images. Int32 72
UseTaggedPDF Preserve semantic structures such as table of contents, hyperlinks, and controls. Boolean true
ExportNotes Export notes of Writer and Calc documents as PDF notes. Boolean true
ExportNotesPages Export pages notes. Boolean false
UseTransitionEffects Export Impress slide transition effect to respective PDF effects. Boolean false
FormsType Select the format of submitting forms from within the PDF file.
For example... 0 - FDF, 1 - PDF, 2 - HTML, 3 - XML
Int32 0

More details and other options can be found on the OpenOffice.org web site.