Adds a Signature field compatible with a DocTimeStamp.




Signature AddDocTimestamp()
Signature AddDocTimestamp(string name)

[Visual Basic]
Function AddDocTimestamp() As Signature
Function AddDocTimestamp(name As string) As Signature



Name Description
name The name of the document timestamp field. If no name is specified a unique name will be added.




Adds a Signature field compatible with a document timestamp.

Add an RFC 3161 compliant document timestamp field to the form.

To sign the timestamp you need to specify either a TimestampServiceUrl or a CustomSigner and then call Timestamp.




See the Annotations example project for a full example.

However the following is a code snippet showing how this might be used.


var sig = doc.Form.AddDocTimestamp("Timestamp"); Uri uri = new Uri(""); Oid oid = new Oid(CryptoConfig.MapNameToOID("SHA256")); sig.TimestampServiceUrl = uri; sig.Timestamp(oid, 0);