Provides information about the fonts available to ABCpdf.


Method Description
  FindAll Find all the fonts currently installed on the system.
  FindFamily Find all the fonts belonging to a particular family.
  FindFamilyNames Find the names of all font families.
  FindByName Find all the fonts with a given name.
  FindByStyle Find a font from a specific family, with a given style.
TextWidth Calculate the width of a string of text.
Unload Unloads a font so that it is no longer available.


Property Description
FamilyName The name of the family to which the font belongs.
FixedPitch Whether the font is in a fixed pitch style.
Italic Whether the font is in an italic style.
Name The complete human readable name of the font.
Names The complete set of names by which this font is known.
PostScriptName The name the font will be known by on a PostScript printer.
Script Whether the font is in a script style.
Serif Whether the font is in a serif style.
Symbolic Whether the font contains symbolic rather than Unicode glyphs.
Weight The weight of the font.
Baseline The baseline of the font in thousandths of a unit.
Widths The widths of the characters in the font.