Type Default Value Read Only Description
Boolean False No Whether to apply a synthetic bold effect.




This property determines whether a synthetic bold effect is applied to text.

It is generally better to specify a bold typeface rather than synthesize a bold effect using the current typeface. However, under some circumstances, this may not be possible and you may prefer to apply a synthetic bold effect.




In this example we add some bold text to a document.

Set theDoc = Server.CreateObject("ABCpdf12.Doc")
theText = "Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur."
theDoc.Rect.Inset 20, 40
theDoc.TextStyle.Size = 96
theDoc.TextStyle.Bold = True
theDoc.AddText theText
theDoc.Save "c:\mypdfs\stylebold.pdf"