Allows the creation of objects in the same application domain. The methods of this class do nothing more than creating objects so all methods are thread-safe. The ComFactory object can be obtained from the ComFactory property of every other classes.

If ABCpdf is installed as a COM+ application and the COM+ application pool is configured to have a pooling size greater than one, objects created with CreateObject may not be in the same application domain, depending on which application(s) in the application pool is/are chosen to execute the calls to CreateObject. When an object is passed as a parameter to a method, it must be in the same application domain as the invoked object for the invoked object to access the content of the parameter.

In such cases, use the same ComFactory object or the ComFactory object from the ComFactory property of an existing object to ensure that newly created objects are in the same application domain.


Method Description
CreateDoc Creates a Doc object.
CreateImage Creates an Image object.
CreateXColor Creates an XColor object.
CreateXPoint Creates an XPoint object.
CreateXRect Creates an XRect object.
CreateXSaveTemplateData Creates an XSaveTemplateData object.
CreateXSettings Creates an XSettings object.
CreateXTextStyle Creates an XTextStyle object.
CreateXTransform Creates an XTransform object.


Property Default Description