Stock solid brushes for general use.

This class is static. It cannot be instantiated and has only static members.

Property Description
S» AliceBlue A solid AliceBlue brush.
S» AntiqueWhite A solid AntiqueWhite brush.
S» AppWorkspace A solid AppWorkspace brush.
S» Aqua A solid Aqua brush.
S» Aquamarine A solid Aquamarine brush.
S» Azure A solid Azure brush.
S» Beige A solid Beige brush.
S» Bisque A solid Bisque brush.
S» Black A solid Black brush.
S» BlanchedAlmond A solid BlanchedAlmond brush.
S» Blue A solid Blue brush.
S» BlueViolet A solid BlueViolet brush.
S» Brown A solid Brown brush.
S» BurlyWood A solid BurlyWood brush.
S» CadetBlue A solid CadetBlue brush.
S» Chartreuse A solid Chartreuse brush.
S» Chocolate A solid Chocolate brush.
S» Control A solid Control brush.
S» ControlDark A solid ControlDark brush.
S» ControlDarkDark A solid ControlDarkDark brush.
S» ControlLight A solid ControlLight brush.
S» ControlLightLight A solid ControlLightLight brush.
S» ControlText A solid ControlText brush.
S» Coral A solid Coral brush.
S» CornflowerBlue A solid CornflowerBlue brush.
S» Cornsilk A solid Cornsilk brush.
S» Crimson A solid Crimson brush.
S» Cyan A solid Cyan brush.
S» DarkBlue A solid DarkBlue brush.
S» DarkCyan A solid DarkCyan brush.
S» DarkGoldenrod A solid DarkGoldenrod brush.
S» DarkGray A solid DarkGray brush.
S» DarkGreen A solid DarkGreen brush.
S» DarkKhaki A solid DarkKhaki brush.
S» DarkMagenta A solid DarkMagenta brush.
S» DarkOliveGreen A solid DarkOliveGreen brush.
S» DarkOrange A solid DarkOrange brush.
S» DarkOrchid A solid DarkOrchid brush.
S» DarkRed A solid DarkRed brush.
S» DarkSalmon A solid DarkSalmon brush.
S» DarkSeaGreen A solid DarkSeaGreen brush.
S» DarkSlateBlue A solid DarkSlateBlue brush.
S» DarkSlateGray A solid DarkSlateGray brush.
S» DarkTurquoise A solid DarkTurquoise brush.
S» DarkViolet A solid DarkViolet brush.
S» DeepPink A solid DeepPink brush.
S» DeepSkyBlue A solid DeepSkyBlue brush.
S» Desktop A solid Desktop brush.
S» DimGray A solid DimGray brush.
S» DodgerBlue A solid DodgerBlue brush.
S» Firebrick A solid Firebrick brush.
S» FloralWhite A solid FloralWhite brush.
S» ForestGreen A solid ForestGreen brush.
S» Fuchsia A solid Fuchsia brush.
S» Gainsboro A solid Gainsboro brush.
S» GhostWhite A solid GhostWhite brush.
S» Gold A solid Gold brush.
S» Goldenrod A solid Goldenrod brush.
S» Gray A solid Gray brush.
S» GrayText A solid GrayText brush.
S» Green A solid Green brush.
S» GreenYellow A solid GreenYellow brush.
S» Highlight A solid Highlight brush.
S» HighlightText A solid HighlightText brush.
S» Honeydew A solid Honeydew brush.
S» HotPink A solid HotPink brush.
S» HotTrack A solid HotTrack brush.
S» InactiveBorder A solid InactiveBorder brush.
S» InactiveCaption A solid InactiveCaption brush.
S» InactiveCaptionText A solid InactiveCaptionText brush.
S» IndianRed A solid IndianRed brush.
S» Indigo A solid Indigo brush.
S» Info A solid Info brush.
S» InfoText A solid InfoText brush.
S» Ivory A solid Ivory brush.
S» Khaki A solid Khaki brush.
S» Lavender A solid Lavender brush.
S» LavenderBlush A solid LavenderBlush brush.
S» LawnGreen A solid LawnGreen brush.
S» LemonChiffon A solid LemonChiffon brush.
S» LightBlue A solid LightBlue brush.
S» LightCoral A solid LightCoral brush.
S» LightCyan A solid LightCyan brush.
S» LightGoldenrodYellow A solid LightGoldenrodYellow brush.
S» LightGray A solid LightGray brush.
S» LightGreen A solid LightGreen brush.
S» LightPink A solid LightPink brush.
S» LightSalmon A solid LightSalmon brush.
S» LightSeaGreen A solid LightSeaGreen brush.
S» LightSkyBlue A solid LightSkyBlue brush.
S» LightSlateGray A solid LightSlateGray brush.
S» LightSteelBlue A solid LightSteelBlue brush.
S» LightYellow A solid LightYellow brush.
S» Lime A solid Lime brush.
S» LimeGreen A solid LimeGreen brush.
S» Linen A solid Linen brush.
S» Magenta A solid Magenta brush.
S» Maroon A solid Maroon brush.
S» MediumAquamarine A solid MediumAquamarine brush.
S» MediumBlue A solid MediumBlue brush.
S» MediumOrchid A solid MediumOrchid brush.
S» MediumPurple A solid MediumPurple brush.
S» MediumSeaGreen A solid MediumSeaGreen brush.
S» MediumSlateBlue A solid MediumSlateBlue brush.
S» MediumSpringGreen A solid MediumSpringGreen brush.
S» MediumTurquoise A solid MediumTurquoise brush.
S» MediumVioletRed A solid MediumVioletRed brush.
S» Menu A solid Menu brush.
S» MenuText A solid MenuText brush.
S» MidnightBlue A solid MidnightBlue brush.
S» MintCream A solid MintCream brush.
S» MistyRose A solid MistyRose brush.
S» Moccasin A solid Moccasin brush.
S» NavajoWhite A solid NavajoWhite brush.
S» Navy A solid Navy brush.
S» OldLace A solid OldLace brush.
S» Olive A solid Olive brush.
S» OliveDrab A solid OliveDrab brush.
S» Orange A solid Orange brush.
S» OrangeRed A solid OrangeRed brush.
S» Orchid A solid Orchid brush.
S» PaleGoldenrod A solid PaleGoldenrod brush.
S» PaleGreen A solid PaleGreen brush.
S» PaleTurquoise A solid PaleTurquoise brush.
S» PaleVioletRed A solid PaleVioletRed brush.
S» PapayaWhip A solid PapayaWhip brush.
S» PeachPuff A solid PeachPuff brush.
S» Peru A solid Peru brush.
S» Pink A solid Pink brush.
S» Plum A solid Plum brush.
S» PowderBlue A solid PowderBlue brush.
S» Purple A solid Purple brush.
S» Red A solid Red brush.
S» RosyBrown A solid RosyBrown brush.
S» RoyalBlue A solid RoyalBlue brush.
S» SaddleBrown A solid SaddleBrown brush.
S» Salmon A solid Salmon brush.
S» SandyBrown A solid SandyBrown brush.
S» ScrollBar A solid ScrollBar brush.
S» SeaGreen A solid SeaGreen brush.
S» SeaShell A solid SeaShell brush.
S» Sienna A solid Sienna brush.
S» Silver A solid Silver brush.
S» SkyBlue A solid SkyBlue brush.
S» SlateBlue A solid SlateBlue brush.
S» SlateGray A solid SlateGray brush.
S» Snow A solid Snow brush.
S» SpringGreen A solid SpringGreen brush.
S» SteelBlue A solid SteelBlue brush.
S» Tan A solid Tan brush.
S» Teal A solid Teal brush.
S» Thistle A solid Thistle brush.
S» Tomato A solid Tomato brush.
S» Transparent A solid Transparent brush.
S» Turquoise A solid Turquoise brush.
S» Violet A solid Violet brush.
S» Wheat A solid Wheat brush.
S» White A solid White brush.
S» WhiteSmoke A solid WhiteSmoke brush.
S» Window A solid Window brush.
S» WindowFrame A solid WindowFrame brush.
S» WindowText A solid WindowText brush.
S» Yellow A solid Yellow brush.
S» YellowGreen A solid YellowGreen brush.