Combines an existing JPEG with the current Exif information.


byte[] Embed(byte[] inData);
string Embed(string inPath);

[Visual Basic]

Function Embed(inData As Byte()) As Byte()
Function Embed(inPath As String) As String
Name Description
inData The raw JPEG data.
inPath A path to the existing JPEG.
return The new JPEG - see below for details.

Use this method to add the current Exif information to an existing JPEG. You can specify your JPEG using either a file path or using raw data - an array of bytes.

IMPORTANT: this method has only been partially implemented. It will discard any modification you have made to the Exif properties. It will only preserve the original Exif information.

If you pass this function a path to your JPEG it will return the same path. If you pass this function raw data it will return an array of data representing the new JPEG image.