Backwards Compatible

We have new and powerful APIs for a more modern approach to graphics programming.

However not everyone has time to rewrite their code using a new API.

ImageGlue8 maintains the old APIs and namespaces so that upgrading is a piece of cake.

But Forward Looking

ImageGlue 8 is based around the API styles in System.Drawing so it is easy to move your code from one to the other. However it is not identical. Most notably, many aspects of System.Drawing have been rationalized to make it easier to use.

System.Drawing contains many sub-namespaces which are not really necessary. ImageGlue holds all classes in the ImageGlue8 namespace.

System.Drawing generally uses single precision floating point values. ImageGlue uses double precision values throughout. Generally you will not need the integer based structures such as Point, Size and Rectangle as the PointF, SizeF and RectangleF structures do everything they do and more. However we maintain these integer based structures to ease the porting of System.Drawing code.

ImageGlue implements many implicit and explicit cast operators so it is easy to change an object from one type to another. This means that many of the function overloads that System.Drawing implements are not necessary.

There is an automatic implicit cast from Rectangle to RectangleF, Point to PointF and Size to SizeF. To convert the other way you simply use an explicit cast which will round any floating point numbers to integers.

ImageGlue implements common arithmetic and operator overloads on standard structures so you can, for example, add points or multiply them by a scalar.

System.Drawing is based on GDI+ and this means that many System.Drawing classes need to implement IDisposable to ensure that unmanaged elements are recycled in an efficient manner. ImageGlue uses a fundamentally different technology and this means that IDisposable is only needed for a few classes. However we maintain the interface simply to ease the porting of System.Drawing code if you are using 'using' statements.

Many System.Drawing classes implement ICloneable - an interface which Microsoft have been advising against for many years. ImageGlue implements typed cloning where necessary but it does not use the ICloneable interface.

For more details see the Upgrading section of the documentation.

Easy to Deploy

ImageGlue 8 comes in a small and compact package which can be deployed manually. Just great for redistributable applications!

It comes in both a traditional MSI package and also a NuGet package available via nuget.org.

It supports both the traditional .NET Framework and also .NET Core.

The MSI installer is focused on the traditional .NET Framework and it is this that typically you will want to target. However if you need the .NET Core assemblies you will find them in the ABCpdf installation folders. The NuGet installer is focused on joint lightweight installations, so it includes both traditional and .NET Core DLLs in one package.

Vector and Document Support

ImageGlue 8 leverages ABCpdf's powerful vector graphics import and export functionality for access to file formats like PDF, XPS, MS Office and Postscript.

ImageGlue supports the export of BMP and PCX images in a variety of depths.