The Modules tab is only relevant for ImageGlue6 and ImageGlue 7 code. If you are using the ImageGlue8 namespace the settings here are irrelevant - they do not do anything.

This tab shows you the different image import modules used by ImageGlue and allows you to enable or disable them.

ImageGlue operates on a waterfall model. Image processing is attempted with successive modules until one is found that supports the specific image.

Each image file extension can be associated with one or more import modules. Drag and drop import modules from the available modules list to an image extension to control what modules will be used to load images with that particular image type.

Add, remove and edit image extensions by right clicking on them and selecting the appropriate command. If no extension is specified ImageGlue will use the Default module unless it has been disabled. This means that ImageGlue will determine the best import module for the image. If the Default import module is disabled images without an extension specified in this list will not be loaded.

Drag and drop import modules from the available to the disabled lists and vice versa. Only available modules can be associated with image extensions. If a module is associated first and it is then disabled, it will still be associated but it will not be used.