ImageGlue supports movie as well as image formats:

  • Provided that you have QuickTime installed, ImageGlue supports QuickTime movie formats. These include Movie (MOV), AVI and SMIL. SMIL is a particularly convenient store because as XML it can be simply generated and then used for compositing operations saved out via ImageGlue.
  • ImageGlue also supports Flash movies (SWF) via an independent built-in module.

Movies are handled almost exactly the same way as any other image media. You can use standard calls like Canvas.DrawImage to draw movies in exactly the same way you would any still image media.

The concept of images is not very useful when processing movies. Movies often contain multiple tracks playing at different frame rates or tracks playing at a variable frame rate. If you want to draw an image from the middle of a movie you should use the XImage.Time rather than the Image parameter.

When drawing images from movies you can specify a URL rather than a file path. This allows you to capture images from internet based or streaming video. ImageGlue supports HTTP, FTP and RTSP URLs. Note that this feature is not suitable for high load servers and is only supported by the Quick Time Movie import module.

You can disable Quicktime and Flash movie handling by disabling the QuickTimeMovie and SwfVector modules respectively, see XConfig.DisabledImportModules.htm.