The QuickTime tab allows you control over the way QuickTime is used by ImageGlue.

ImageGlue normally loads QuickTime as requested. If you uncheck 'Load QuickTime' then all QuickTime modules and related features will be disabled. This mimics uninstalling QuickTime.

By default we keep QuickTime loaded to speed up operations. However by checking the 'Unload QuickTime' box we can periodically unload QuickTime.

QuickTime 5.0 introduces input and output directly from memory. This enables all access to be done in-memory for greater speed and more efficient use of resources. If these two options are checked then in-memory access will be performed if QuickTime 5.0 is available.

Early versions of QuickTime 5.0 do not support MPEG in a multi-threaded environment like IIS. For this reason you may wish to enable or disable MPEG handling.