The Gestalt object allows you access to a variety of environmental variables and general utilities that you may need. For example these include the fonts available, the version of QuickTime in use and a method for writing messages to the Event Log.

The Canvas object provides a space for drawing and painting. It has various properties such as size and color and methods for drawing a variety of objects.

Many of the Canvas methods take an argument called a Parameter String. This is a list of optional control codes for the operation. You can find details about the codes that exist and how to specify them in the Parameter String section of this document.

The Graphic object allows you to get information about Graphics File Formats without actually drawing any images themselves. You can find out the number of images held within a file and the sizes and depths of those images.

Finally there are a variety of utility objects for manipulating data. These include an XRect object for storing and manipulating Rects, an XPoint object for Points and an XColor object for colors.

The examples here are written in VBScript but the principles are similar for JScript and Visual Basic.