Gets the values of all matching fields.



outStrings = GraphicIPTC.Values(inField, inDelimiter)


Name   Type   Description
inField String The field to be queried.
inDelimiter String The delimiter used to separate items.
outStrings String The values of all matching fields.



This function returns the text values of all matching fields delimited using the delimiter supplied. You can use this property for easy access to the data contained in multiple value fields like keywords.

For details of the way in which IPTC items can be referred to by name see the Add method.


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Set gr = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue7.Graphic")
theFile = Server.MapPath("iptc.tif")
gr.ReadIPTC = True
gr.SetFile theFile
Response.Write gr.IPTC.Values("Keyword", ",")

This example writes the keywords from a TIFF file in comma delimited format.