Deletes an item of IPTC information.



GraphicIPTC.Delete inField


Name   Type   Description
inField String The field to be deleted.



Use this method to delete an existing IPTC field.

You can refer to fields either using the common names or using a more formal "Record:DataSet" format as defined in the IPTC specification. For more details see the Add method.

When you delete an item referred to by name, all IPTC items with that name are deleted. For example if you call this method with the parameter "keyword" this will delete all keywords in the information set.

Note that information changes are not applied until the Embed method is called.


See Also

Graphic Embed method.



Set gr = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue7.Graphic")
theFile = Server.MapPath("images/iptc.jpg")
gr.ReadIPTC = True
gr.SetFile theFile
gr.IPTC.Delete "Headline"
gr.IPTC.Delete "2:110" ' Credit
gr.IPTC.Embed theFile

The code reads the IPTC information from a JPEG file. It deletes the headline and credit and updates the file.