Type   Default Value   Read Only   Description
Collection N/A Yes An object containing ExifData properties including a collection of Exif Records.



Some file formats support embedded metadata, the kind of textual information you can alter using the Adobe Photoshop 'File Info...' command.

If the ReadExif property is set to true the file or data that you supply to the graphic object will be scanned for Exif metadata. This means you can extract embedded camera information make, model, gps and other exif information from the image files.


See Also

Exif object.



This property holds the collection of Exif data records that were found in the image file. If you want to read them you might use the following code:

Set gr = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue7.Graphic")
gr.ReadExif = True
c = gr.Exif.Count
txt = "Count: " & c & vbCrLf
txt = txt & "Make: " & gr.Exif("make").Value & vbCrLf
txt = txt & "Model: " & gr.Exif("model").Value & vbCrLf
For i = 0 to c-1
    txt = txt & "Name: " & gr.Exif(i).Name & vbCrLf
    txt = txt & "Value: " & gr.Exif(i).Value & vbCrLf

This might produce the following output:

Make: SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd.
Model: SX113
Name: Compression
Value: 6
Name: ImageDescription
Name: Make
Value: SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd.
Name: Model
Value: SX113
Name: Orientation
Value: 1
Name: XResolution
Value: 72/1
Name: YResolution
Value: 72/1
Name: ResolutionUnit
Value: 2
Name: Software
Value: V113p-73
Name: DateTime
Value: 2000:11:18 21:14:19
Name: ThumbnailOffset
Value: 1070
Name: ThumbnailLength
Value: 13234
Name: YCbCrPositioning
Value: 2
Name: ExifOffset
Value: 284