Do your troubleshooting with the example web site supplied with the ImageGlue installation.

Check the obvious things - you were logged on as Administrator when you installed. If you are using QuickTime that you have done a full install of QuickTime. Restart Windows and try the example web site again.

Next check out the IGSettings Application. The preferences tabs contain information about the software setup on your system that may provide an indication of the problem. If an error occurs ImageGlue will log it in the Application Event Log so your next stop should be Event Viewer.

If you are using QuickTime related features make sure that QuickTime is installed properly. Open PictureViewer - installed in the QuickTime directory - and open some pictures with it. Play some movies using the QuickTime Player. Check IGSettings - this should tell you what version of QuickTime you have.

Now you need to establish that the ImageGlue objects are installed correctly. Copy the following text into a text file and then rename it mytest.vbs.

MsgBox "About to create gestalt"
Set gest = CreateObject("ImageGlue7.Gestalt")
gest.Log "Gestalt Object Created"
MsgBox "About to create canvas"
Set canv = CreateObject("ImageGlue7.Canvas")
canv.Color = "red"
canv.Width = 100
canv.Height = 200
canv.SaveAs "C:\myredpic.jpg", ""
MsgBox "Finished"

Double click on the test script to log an event in the Application Event Log and then create a red JPEG image on the top level of your C drive. Note that if you receive an error "8007045A" you should restart your computer to ensure that IIS has released any exclusive locks it holds on ImageGlue.

If this works correctly then your installation is correct and your IIS security attributes are at fault. Security is the most common cause of installation problems - your IUSR user needs read access to the registry and to the system32 directory tree. Your IUSR user will also need write access to whatever part of your file system that you want it to write to. Some modules require read/write access to the temporary directory. There is more information on security on our security page.

Finally if none of this works please send us the full error message together with your system details.

There are a number of excellent articles on troubleshooting in the MSDN Online Web Workshop at Also contact us as we are glad to help wherever possible.