There are three places you need to specify drawing colors. These are referred to as Pens, Paints and Text.

  • When you draw text it is drawn in the default text color.
  • When you draw a line it is drawn in the pen color.
  • When you draw an object it is outlined using the pen color and filled using the paint color (to make the object only one color you can turn off either the outline or the fill).

Additionally a Canvas has a Color. By default all Canvases are white but you can change this. Note that when you first set the size of the Canvas, or resize it later, all the newly exposed parts will be erased and set to the Canvas color.

Pens not only have a color but also a size. By default this is one pixel but you can specify different sizes to draw thicker lines.

Text also has a font, a size and a style as well as its color. You can specify a particular size (in points) and a set of styles (e.g. 'bold, italic').

As well as painting with solid colors you can also paint with patterns or textures. You can specify a pattern by creating another Canvas and drawing on it. You then provide this pattern Canvas to your main Canvas using the Pattern property.