IImageGlue is a toolkit that allows you to create and modify still images. It can be used in .NET desktop applications or in ASP.NET server pages.

Read and write a host of media formats including: BMP, PNG, TIFF, Fax TIFF, JPEG / JFIF, GIF, Photoshop (PSD), QuickDraw PICT, Targa, QuickTime Image (QTIF), Silicon Graphics (SGI), MacPaint, FlashPix (FPX), Macromedia Flash™ 4 (SWF), Movie (MOV), QTVR, Cubic VR, AVI (Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved), XML / SMIL.

Draw image files or data, text, lines, shapes (unfilled, filled or textured). Perform arbitrary transforms (e.g. rotation, skews, scaling) on any of these objects.

Use transparencies to blend or matte images together. Insert alpha channels. Automatically divert error messages to the Windows Event Log. Read and write images to databases as BLOBs.

Use standard HTML file uploads to allow clients to send you image files for processing.