You should generally use the IESettings application to alter global preferences for ImageEffects. However under some circumstances you may wish to alter the registry values directly. If you are not familiar with the precautions you should take when using RegEdit we suggest you do not change these settings.

The following keys are available.

Key Name   Type
LogErrors DWORD
AutoRecover DWORD
MaxOperationTime DWORD
LogDirectory String

All ImageEffects keys are stored under the following Registry Path.


If LogErrors is set to 1 then all VBScript errors raised will also be entered into the Application Event Log.

The AutoRecover key determines what happens if a potentially fatal error is caught. By default we automatically recover if running on Windows NT 4.0 since the alternative is to stop the entire web server. On Windows 2000 we stop the web server because we know that Reliable Restart will handle the problem. You can override this behavior by altering the AutoRecover key. Setting it to 1 will always attempt to automatically recover. Whatever action is taken an error will be logged in the Application Event Log.

Only operations that take a significant amount of time are logged. By altering the MaxOperationTime key value you can change the time below which an operation is not regarded as significant. The value is measured in milliseconds. If the key is not present then no logging will take place.

The LogDirectory determines what directory will be used for the operation log file. The default log directory for Windows NT 4.0 is "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\TEMP\" and for Windows 2000 is "%SYSTEMROOT%\Temp\".