Occasionally you may wish to install the ImageEffects components manually. To do this you will need the files listed below. We suggest that all DLLs are installed in the System32 directory.

File Name   Notes
ImageEffects.dll The core ActiveX control used by ASP. Because it is an ActiveX control it needs to be registered using regsvr32 or equivalent. It can also be registered using MTS or Component Services as long as ImageGlue is registered in the same package.
IEUtilitities.dll An ActiveX control used by the IESettings application for direct control over the ImageEffects preferences and license details.
IESettings.exe The ImageEffects Settings application. This allows you to alter global preferences such as logging errors or operation timings. IESettings requires the VB6 runtime.
Cpuinf32.dll This library allows ImageEffects to detect processor types for high speed processing.
wsg.dll This library allows ImageEffects to choose a processor specific library for high speed processing. If a specific library is not available it will default to a generic one.
wsgPX.dll This is a generic image processing library.
wsgP6.dll This is a Pentium Pro specific image processing library.
wsgM6.dll This is a Pentium II specific image processing library.
wsgA6.dll This is a Pentium III specific image processing library.
wsgW7.dll This is a Pentium IV specific image processing library.