Type   Default Value   Read Only   Description
Long 0 No The image referenced as a Windows API Device Context or Bitmap.



This allows you to set the picture that will take place in the operation using Windows low level API structures - namely a Device Context (HDC) or Bitmap (HBITMAP).

If you have access to a Device Context containing your Bitmap you should always use the Device Context as opposed to the Bitmap. This is a requirement of the Windows operating system.

The following code performs a sharpen operation on an image and then saves it as a JPEG.

Set theFX = Server.CreateObject("ImageEffects.FX")
Set theCanvas = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue5.Canvas")
theCanvas.DrawFile "d:\mypic.jpg", ""
theFX("Sharpen").Image = theCanvas.Image

theCanvas.SaveAs "d:\myfx.jpg", ""

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