Type   Default Value   Read Only   Description
String N/A Yes The description of the effect.



This property holds a simple explanation of the purpose of the effect. For example the following code:

Set theFX = Server.CreateObject("ImageEffects.FX")
For Each theEffect In theFX
  Response.Write theEffect.Description & "<br>"

May result in the following output:

Median Filter
Basic Sharpen Convolution
Generic Convolution Filter
Gaussian Blur Convolution
Laplacian of Gaussian Convolution
Unsharp Mask Sharpening
Despeckle Noise Reduction
Adjust Brightness
Equalize Brightness Levels
Adjust Contrast
Adjust Black and White Levels
Automatic Color Level Adjustment
Histogram of Color Levels
Twirl Distortion
Pinch distortion
Pond Ripple Distortion
Random Wave Distortion


See Also

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