This example shows how to perform a simple AutoLevels effect on an image held in an ImageGlue Canvas. To make things a little more complicated we'll adjust the AutoLevels clipping setting before applying the effect.


Create a Canvas

To start with you need an ImageGlue Canvas. We'll just create one and put a picture of some birds into it.

thePath = Server.MapPath("images/birds.jpg")
Set theCanv = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue5.Canvas")
theCanv.DrawFile thePath, ""

Apply the Effect

Next we apply the AutoLevels effect to the image. The default clip setting for the Effect is 0.5 so we increase it to 5.5 percent.

Set theFX = Server.CreateObject("ImageEffects.FX")
Set theEffect = the
theEffect.Image = theCanv.Image
theEffect("Clip") = 5.5



Save the Image

Finally we save the adjusted image.

thePath = Server.MapPath("images/autobirds.jpg")
theCanv.SaveAs thePath, ""