The Ripple effect distorts the image in the manner of a pond ripple.


Name   Default   Description
Height 10 pixels The amplitude of the wave determines how high the ripples are on the surface of the images.
Length 30 pixels The length of the wave determines how far apart the ripples are placed.
Phase 0 degrees The phase determines if the center of the ripple is a peak or a trough.
Speed 6 There is a general speed versus quality tradeoff. Higher values produce faster results at the expense of quality.
How it Works

The effect is very similar to a pond ripple. The image is distorted as if it was projected onto the surface of a pond and then a stone had been dropped into the middle.


The following examples show the effect of a Ripple applied with a number of different settings.



Original Image before Ripple



After Ripple with default settings



Height = 15



Length = 10