Type   Default Value   Read Only   Description
Long   800 No The width of the page in pixels.



The width determines the width of the HTML page. The width is measured in pixels.

As you resize a browser window the contents of that window will resize and re-flow to accommodate the changes in size. The width allows you to choose the width at which the source HTML will be rendered.

Most pages will display well in a browser window 700 pixels wide. Virtually all pages will display well in a browser window 800 pixels wide.



The following shows two previews generated using different page widths and heights.

Set thePage = Server.CreateObject("ABCDrawHTML.Page")
thePage.URL = "http://www.usafreedomcorps.gov/"
thePage.Width = 640
thePage.Height = 480
thePath = Server.MapPath("width1.png")
thePage.Save thePath, 200, 150
thePage.Width = 320
thePage.Height = 480
thePath = Server.MapPath("width2.png")
thePage.Save thePath, 200, 150