ABCDrawHTML uses the MSHTML rendering library to render HTML documents. The MSHTML library is the engine used to drive Internet Explorer. ABCDrawHTML places the MSHTML library within a special environment designed to separate page rendering from your application.

For an added level of security you may wish to run ABCDrawHTML under COM+. By doing this you completely isolate the rendering process from your web application.

It is easy to create a COM+ package containing the ABCDrawHTML library. Simply open up Component Services from the Administrative Tools folder, right click on the COM+ Applications folder and choose New Application.

The COM+ Application Wizard will direct you through the process of creating a COM+ Application.

Page one will ask if you want to install a pre-built application or create an empty application. You should choose to create an empty application.

Page two will allow you to enter an Application Name and an Activation Type. You can choose any name you want (e.g. ABCDrawHTML). You should choose to activate as a Server application as this provides the best isolation.

Page three asks for a user that the application will run as. You should choose a user with a suitably restricted set of permissions. However you can always choose the Interactive user and then tighten permissions later on.

After your COM+ Application has been created you need to add the ABCDrawHTML DLL. Simply find the DLL (typically located in system32) and drop it into the components folder of the application.

That's all you need to do! Whenever you call CreateObject to create an ABCDrawHTML object it will be instantiated under COM+. You don't need to make any code changes - it all happens invisibly behind the scenes. When your objects are in use you'll be able to see your newly installed COM+ components spinning in the Component Services window.