ImageGlue - EPS file converter

So... ImageGlue as an EPS file converter? ImageGlue supports PostScript and formats such as EPS files (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript). Install ImageGlue and you'll get an EPS converter included.

However you don't need to install just to try it out. Simply upload a few of your EPS files to our example web site. They'll be automatically converted, scaled and exported as JPEG so that you can see them on the front page.

You'll need to install the latest version of ImageGlue. You can use this in .NET, ASP or VB environments. You'll also need to install Ghostscript which provides the engine that ImageGlue uses to convert EPS files.

ImageGlue lets you choose how you want to convert your EPS files. You can specify a resolution at which the files should be rendered. You can choose whether your files should be color corrected for a CMYK or RGB environment. Otherwise you can just treat an EPS file in the same way you'd treat any other image.

If you'd like to read more about ImageGlue .NET you might like to check out the documentation...