Important Information

Many of the email queries we get result in us pointing to an item on this site. So rather than waiting for a reply why not start by checking that your query is not already answered in one of our FAQs?

The support page covers most common queries. Anything from technical requests like 'Can ABCpdf convert my Excel spreadsheet into PDF' to post-sales support like 'I asked my purchasing department to buy ABCpdf ASP but they've bought ABCpdf .NET instead. What do I do?'.

The purchase page covers pricing and ordering. So if you want to know how much a license costs or what it covers or simply where to send your purchase order - please do start here.

And if you cannot see it please just search the site. You'll almost certainly find it.

We respond to all queries within - at most - one business day. So if you don't get a reply within this period of time either we haven't received your email or you haven't received our reply. You may wish to check your spam filter or contact us using a different email address.

We strongly recommend that you add our email address to your address book or whitelist so that your spam filter doesn't accidentally delete our replies.

When you write please include details of your license. If you have a purchased license please let us know the order number (or license key and organization). If you are working on a trial license tell us this. Please also let us know the exact version of the product you are using (if you don't know the settings application (PDFSettings/IGSettings/ABCSettings etc.) will tell you. We also need to know the version of Windows you are running on.

If you have Platinum Support please mention this in your email so we can ensure you get first priority.

So the first few lines of your email might read:

Order Ref: 9999   -OR-   License Ref: 9999-9999, Licensee: Acme Inc.
Product: ABCpdf .NET x64 Version 11304
OS: Windows 10 x64

(If you are using ABCpdf's MSHTML engine to convert HTML to PDF, please also tell us the version of Internet Explorer on the same system as ABCpdf.)

After you've read the above please contact us....