What's New in Version 4?

The information on this page relates to an old version of ABCpdf.

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ABCpdf now supports direct import of ICC based RGB, CMYK and LAB images. This means you can produce high-quality, print-ready PDFs directly from your applications.

ABCpdf supports transparency everywhere. Any kind of graphic from text to lines to blocks of color can be drawn transparently using a simple alpha value to control levels of opacity. You can apply soft masks or chromakey style masks to images for selective transparency. Or you can draw transparent images such as GIF using simple calls.

ABCpdf supports calibrated color spaces and spot colors. Any kind of graphic from text to lines to blocks of color can be drawn in a calibrated color space or spot color. You can even colorize grayscale images using spot colors.

ABCpdf is fully Acrobat 6 compliant. It supports the Object Stream compression methods introduced with PDF 1.5 and automatically chooses an appropriate format when PDFs are read or saved.

ABCpdf includes enhanced support for eForms and eForm fields to allow you to set values, query options and use fields as placeholders for other types of content. Using the low-level control you get with ABCpdf you can even take advantage of the rich text fields introduced as part of PDF 1.5.

ABCpdf is now even easier to use. We've made some subtle modifications to the behavior of a number of objects so that they work in line with the way that you expect. In particular you can now work in units like mm or inches as well as points and you can specify top-down rather than native PDF bottom-up coordinates.

And of course as part of our upgrade we've done extensive optimization so that ABCpdf works faster and uses less memory than ever.

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