What's New in Version 6?

The information on this page relates to an old version of ABCpdf.

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Not only does ABCpdf support PDF and HTML but now it also supports a wide range of other document formats. Formats like Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Rich Text Format (.rtf), WordPerfect (.wpd), Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1) and AutoCAD (.dxf). All you need to do is read them in! * (.NET only)

Or KiloPage large document support brings great optimizations to the HTML rendering process for large documents. Our standard test case rendered eight times faster under ABCpdf 6 than it did under Version 5! Properties like DoMarkup allow you to increase this speed still further.

There are new HTML features too. We now support parameter driven Flash movies so that you can add HTML which passes variables to your movie. If you've been trying to get your Flash charts into PDF this is what you need.

ABCpdf now supports MHT (MIME HTML) archives. So you can build PDF documents out of web pages saved in MHT format. (.NET only). New parameters like the MaxAtomicImageSize provide more control over the HTML rendering process.

ABCpdf is now PostScript-compatible. This means you can import raster or vector PostScript (PS) or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files directly into your PDF documents. It means you can take your PDF documents and render them into PS or EPS format.

As well as being PostScript-compatible it's also EMF-compatible which means you can render directly to vector EMF. This means faster higher quality print output and greater support for interoperability with other applications. If you thought our Version 5 print code was too slow - this is for you. See the PDFView sample application for examples.

ABCpdf now supports SVG import. SVG is an XML based format for describing vector graphics so it's easy to construct and it's easy to convert to PDF. For full details see the SVG Support section of the documentation. (.NET only).

ABCpdf now supports conversion of PDF content into annotated SVG. This allows you to identify individual elements on a page and map them back to the operators in the original PDF file. So it lets you perform operations like search and replace on PDF text or identify individual images on a page.

Our PDFView sample application now demonstrates a whole host of ABCpdf features. It allows you to open, view and print PDF documents. It lets you edit text and text styles within the PDF. It allows you to insert, delete and re-order pages. It allows you to watermark documents. PDFView comes with full source code. (.NET only)

Our new digital signature code allows you to sign documents and check the validity of existing signatures. (.NET only).

There's now greater control over the output of rendered images. ABCpdf now supports the export of alpha values in rendered PDF content. It also allows control over TIFF compression types like LZW and Flate, different vertical and horizontal resolutions and multipaged TIFF output.

ABCpdf now supports JPEG 2000. This means you can render pages containing JPEG 2000 compressed images. It also means that you can render and save PDF pages into RGB, Grayscale or CMYK JPEG 2000 files at either 8 or 16 bits per component resolution.

ABCpdf offers far greater control over images in PDFs. You can resize them using a variety of sophisticated and high quality resampling algorithms. You can assign new color spaces or convert them from one color space to another. You can compress them in CCITT, JPEG, Flate or JPEG 2000 format. You can resample them from one bit depth to another. In short all the operations you'll ever need for image manipulation within PDF documents. (.NET only).

We now include the ABCpdf6.Drawing wrapper namespace for easy porting of System.Drawing code for PDF output. Or if you are more interested in XML to PDF or tagged PDF output there are the new Tagged PDF Example projects. (.NET only)

We've optimized the ABCpdf table class for faster more scaleable table rendering.

We've greatly enhanced the PDF rendering process to support complex scripts and unusual character encodings.

We've greatly enhanced the PDF field support to produce faster more accurate output and support complex scripts and unusual glyphs.

There are new HTML Styled Text options to allow you greater control over the addition of text.


* Requires OpenOffice.org to be installed. OpenOffice.org is freely distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). For full details of the OpenOffice.org project see http://www.openoffice.org/.


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