What's New in Version 5?

The information on this page relates to an old version of ABCpdf.

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ABCpdf now produces smaller PDFs which view faster. This is in part due to our remapping and aggressive optimization strategy and in part due to the fact that ABCpdf now supports linearized PDF documents (fast web view) as standard.

ABCpdf supports a whole host of new HTML / CSS processing directives designed to allow you fine control over how your web pages are translated into PDF content. ABCpdf now supports live links, live forms, live movies and tagged areas. Plus you can even pick up rendering events and modify the HTML structure on the fly before it's inserted.

Yes live links... this means you can add your web pages to your PDFs then convert the links to links between the pages in your document. Or - if you prefer - you can leave them as links to pages on your site.

Yes live forms... this means you can create a form in HTML and then render it into a Acrobat Form leaving all the form controls intact and interactive.

Yes live movies... this means you can add web pages containing movie formats like Flash, MPEG, WMV and AVI.

Yes tagged areas... this means you can specify areas in your HTML using standard CSS tags and know exactly where they end up in your PDF. Great if you want to do content substitution or bookmaking.

Faster too... a host of optimizations mean that your web pages render faster as well as smaller. On larger documents we've seen rendering speed increased by more than 100%!

And there's a whole lot more good stuff. Little things with big impact like support for page-break avoid tags (so you don't get page breaks in the middle of your tables). On the fly document modification. More power than you'll know what to do with.

ABCpdf can now be used to display as well as generate PDF documents. Using the Professional License you can render pages for display on screen or for output to a printer. There's sophisticated control over the rendering process including options for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and Lab output. ICC Color Profiles are fully supported for proper calibrated output. There's even full control over the halftoning process for grayscale rendering.

ABCpdf has greatly enhanced support for eForms to allow you to query and modify field values quickly and easily. With our new stamping feature you can stamp field values directly into the PDF without having to do any formatting at all.

ABCpdf adds new utility functions for drawing and filling commonly used shapes. Functions like AddPie, AddOval, AddPoly and AddArc. There's also a whole host of new examples and classes for advanced drawing using low level PDF operators.

ABCpdf has new bookmarking functions for easy manipulation and modification of the document outline.

The table class has been expanded and refined. Its now a sophisticated nestable table class provided as source code to allow you to easily adapt it to your needs.

ABCpdf adds a new RemapPages method providing a simple yet powerful method for reordering, copying or deleting deleting multiple pages throughout a document.

ABCpdf is fully Acrobat 7 compliant. It supports the new Object Stream compression methods introduced with PDF 1.5 and automatically chooses an appropriate format when PDFs are read or saved.

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